Personal Information Protection Policy

As Japan Brain Corporation (JBC) recognize the importance of personal information protection and the social responsibility as Information Service company, JBC set our Personal Information Protection Policy as following, and will manage personal information properly.

1.Principal of Privacy Policy

JBC recognize that personal information should be treated carefully under the principal of respecting for individual personality. Thus, JBC treat personal information safely and properly,when JBC develops software or executes information processing.

2.Basic Policy

All employers and employees at JBC will treat personal information accurately and safely by establishing, implementing, and maintaining personal information management system.

3.Personal Information Protection Management system(PMS)

JBC set the specific rules and code for conduct of
a) Criteria for fair and appropriate acquisition, use and provision of personal information.
b) Operation rules of the criteria.
c) Prevention and correction of unauthorized access, leakage, loss or damage of personal information.

4.Organizational Activity JBC operate following organizational activity based on the Basic Policy

・Appoint a personal information protection manager as the responsible person for the establishment, implementation and maintenance of PMS.
・Conduct internal audits and improve company regulations and operational rules based on the audit results.
・Request cooperation to companies and individuals with business connection to achieve the prescribed objectives.
・This protection policy can be read at any time as it is posted on this website.
・JBC establish a “Complaint and Consultation Desk” to accept complaints and consultation from the principal, and respond appropriately and promptly,with respect to the handling of personal information and PMS.
・All employers and employees at JBC comply Act on the Protection of Personal Information, the law on personal information, guidelines and other rules made by competent ministries.
・JBC will continuously improves PMS by confirming operation, auditing, conducting corrective action and preventive measures.

【Inquiries desk on personal information】

For questions, complaints, disclosure request of personal information, please ask to the “Complaint and Consultation Desk” below.Japan Brain Corporation, Administration Headquarters, “Complaint and Consultation Desk”

Address: 56th floor Sunshine 60 Bldg.,3-1-1 Higashi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo, Japan 170-6056
Phone: (+81) 03-3984-7511

Set at: 31/03/2005   Last Edited at: 31/03/2012
Japan Brain Corporation
Takeyuki Miyauchi, CEO